USS Providence CL-82/CLG-6
"The Fighting Flag Ship"

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Sam Villa


How long were you aboard Providence?
Four years. (1968-72/FTM-3)

How long were you in the Navy?
Six years, from October 21, 1966 to October 10, 1972.

How do we contact you?
Best way to contact me is by email:
(If no response within 5 days, please send again - things can get lost in cypber-space)
My mailing address is: PO Box 161182, San Diego, CA 92176.
My telephone number is 619/446-8462.
(leave msg)

What is the best way to send photos or documents?
The best way is by an attachment to your email. If you have many photos to send be sure and contact me first for special arrangements.

Note: If you send documents, photos or other by mail and want
them sent back to you, please include a self-addressed
and stamped envelope.

Site additions: In most cases I first promote them on the menu page and then move them to the Links Page. I may also talk about them on my editor/webmaster page.

Email: It is possible for email to get lost, misplaced, accidently deleted or just end up floating somewhere in space. If you do not get a response from me within 5 days, please email me again. I want to hear from you.

Email: Please use the SUBJECT LINE...The best text for me for quick I.D. is "USS Providence" in the Subject Line.

Email and Computer Communication Rule: Please do not jump to conclusions about communications over email. We are "speaking" in only one dimension. We cannot totally judge a feeling or inflection or even humor by the words written. Be patient and always give one the benefit of the doubt.

Your comments, additions, corrections or ideas are always welcomed.

I hope the information above answers most of your questions.

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