Freedom Park Museum

A presentation of a $300 donation from the USS PROVIDENCE Association was made to the Freedom Park, Omaha, NE, on Memorial Day 2011.    Dwight Troutman (YN-2) CLG-6, 1966-1969 made the presentation in memory of all sailors and Marines who served on the PROVIDENCE from 1945 through the present day.

Dwight came across this Museum by accident. Here is an email that he sent.

"Today I was down at the waterfront here in Omaha.  I had never really paid much attention to an out of the way Naval Museum.  I decided to check it out.  On the banks of the Missouri river here we have a landlocked minesweeper and a small submarine (USS Hazard and USS Marlin).  Also they have some ship parts props, anchors, missle launchers etc.  I looked at the anchors and there sits the anchor from the USS Providence.  I don't know how long it has been here but probably arrived in the 1970s.  Also there were props from a cruiser but they were not identified from what ship.  Anyway, I am enclosing some of the pictures that we took."
Take care,
Dwight Troutman

A hardy thank you Troutman for representing us at the Freedom Park on Memorial Day

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