HR 1331

The Quicker Veterans Benefits Delivery Act of 2015 – H.R. 1331 – was introduced in the House of Representatives on March 4, 2015, by Representative Timothy J. Walz of Minnesota. The purpose of this bill is to improve the treatment of medical evidence provided by non-Department of Veterans Affairs medical professionals in support of claims for disability compensation under the laws administered by the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, and for other purposes, an amendment to section 5125 of Title 38 United States Code – Veterans Benefits.

Approval of this bill would enable veterans to be seen by private doctors in their local area in a timely manner instead of waiting on a Department of Veterans Affairs approved doctor to conduct medical evaluation for disability compensation and treatment. This would also include treatment of mental health disorders.




Here is a little informaton from my personal experience in getting
compensation for Agent Orange exposure. I found good help from
an AMVETS Service Officer that gave me guidence. I will be putting
more information here as I go along in getting a rating and challenging
a rating for compensation. The following U-Tube videos may help you
get a handle on the process involved. So far I have not used any Attorney.
I advise you to get as much information as possible before making a claim.
......Sam Villa





The VA has updated the listing of ships that qualify for Veteran's disability benefits as a result of exposure to Agent Orange herbicide. The USS PROVIDENCE CLG-6 qualification has been updated to include the date of February 15, 1968, when the PROVIDENCE operated on the Song Huong (Perfume) River near Hue, South Vietnam. On that evening PROVIDENCE proceeded up-river to provide NGFS (Naval Gunfire Support) for the Marines at the walled Citadel. PROVIDENCE fired over 400 rounds of 6 inch ammunition on the northwest corner of the wall. As a result, the wall was breeched, which provided a means of entry by the Marines into the Citadel. For that operation PROVIDENCE was awarded the Navy Unit Commendation.

If you were on board PROVIDENCE on the date, you will qualify for the above disability benefit. It is suggested that you contact your local VA office or County Veteran's office to apply.

The ship operated temporarily on inland waterways of South Vietnam which is the primary reason for this update.

The other dates for PROVIDENCE qualification are:
3 days in January 1964 while operating on the Saigon River
August 1972 while operating on the Cua Viet River,

Not included in disability benefits are operations in deep water bays such as Danang, and Cam Ranh Bay, unless any ship's company went ashore. PROVIDENCE operated within Danang Harbor many nights, providing NGFS. PROVIDENCE also anchored in Cam Ranh Bay in August 1968, with a few officers and Chiefs going ashore to consult on communications with the impending arrival of the USS NEW JERSEY

I have a listing of all ships that have been classified as operating within the designated areas of South Vietnam. If you desire further info, please contact Jim Chryst.






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