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CL82 - Cairo

1945 Launching - Video

CL82 at Sea - Video

Subic Liberty

Yokosuka, Japan
U.S. Naval Base




By Providence Association
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Upon consultation with our advisors and officers, we have elected to postpone the Charleston reunion, scheduled for October 2021, and reschedule the same for either April 2022 or Fall of 2022.

This was a difficult decision, however, based on current information, the risk of our offerings such as tours, banquet and hospitality suite are potentially overwhelming, as a shipmate will possibility contract a virus of the COVID nature. The health and safety of our shipmates are of paramount importance, as we are in the high risk category.
Looking ahead, after the Charleston Reunion, I would anticipate a reunion in San Diego during 2024 and perhaps a last reunion in Buffalo on CLG-4 in 2026.

At present, the PROVIDENCE Association is one of the very few organizations that has continued to experience growth over the recent years. I thank you for your support and we will continue to offer quality newsletters (twice per year), Agent Orange updates, an informative website and a great Facebook page.

Thank you for your support and cooperation

Jim Chryst, President
66-69, YN-2, X Div.




New to the Fleet



Beautiful quilt by Chris Brentano Altree being auctioned off on behalf of the Buffalo, NY reunion. Click Here for details.


Providence Reunion New Orleans, LA;
MAY 15-20, 2016

Click here for reunion photos



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click here for article submitted by Jim Chryst



Photo of Jim Chryst onboard the USS Little Rock receiving a copy of the Deck Logs from the year 1972 when Providence was in Vietnam. Thanks Jim for this great addition to the Prov Website. See copy in Combat Operations off the Coast of Vietnam.


Korean Defense Service Medal

Awarded to USS Providence CLG-6
(January 29, 1968 - February 2, 1968)

Providence was part of Task Group 70.6 in the Sea of Japan during the Pueblo Incident. Any Providence sailor aboard during the above time period is authorized to wear the Korean Defense Service Medal.
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click here for San Diego Bay Live Cam



THE "Sea Stories" of PROVIDENCE
(1999); click here



New Providence Challenge Coin
Price which includes shipping is $7.00
contact Jim Chryst at (717) 284-6996

what is a challenge coin; click here



USS Providence - sloop 1775 - replica in Providence, R.I.

USS Providence (CL82)
Commissioned on May 15, 1945; 7 days after VE Day

click on photo for more detail
click on photo to enlarge USS Providence (CLG6)
Recommissioned on September 1959


USS Providence (SSN-719)
(on duty now)


New Memorial Display Case aboard USS Salem CA-139
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A Tribute to Bos'n Craft

Bos'n Craft who served aboard Providence for over 10 years was well liked and respected by all who served with him. Here is a nice tribute written by Jim Cozine on this great man from Kentucky.
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This web site is dedicated to all the families, friends and the crew members present and past who served aboard the ships named Providence. It is a tribute to the devotion to duty and tireless efforts of those who served aboard her in peace and war. May we never forget the spirit of Providence and those who stand vigilant and strong, always ready to protect and defend our country.

Today our military is called to action again and I am proud of the men and women going in harms way to defend our country. God Bless America and Godspeed to our troops.

Sam Villa & the Providence Association

Website created January 21, 1999 by Sam Villa

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me at


Cartoons submitted by Jim Cozine
click her for more cartoons

Popeye the Sailor



V E Day (Victory in Europe Day), May 8, 1945
Germany Surrenders - the war is over

Victory over Japan Day

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall - The Virtual Wall (TM)

Agent Orange List: USS Providence
USS Providence (CLG-6) operated on Saigon River 3 days during January 1964,
on Song Huong (Perfume River) during February 15, 1968, and on Cua Viet River during August 1972

Agent Orange Letter from Jim Chryst....pdf

Providence NGFS Missions

ATTENTION - The Federal Government has restructured the access of military records.
   You can go on line at to obtain your DD-214,
replace lost medals and awards, view WWII photos, and many other things.

October 13, 1775: Navy birthday
November 10, 1775 Marine Corp Birthday


U.S. Marines of Providence

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