Korean Defense Service Medal

Awarded to USS Providence CLG-6
(January 29, 1968 - February 2, 1968)

Providence was part of Task Group 70.6 in the Sea of Japan during the Pueblo Incident. Any Providence sailor aboard during the above time period is authorized to wear the Korean Defense Service Medal.



Below is a form to fill out to apply and request the Korean Defense Medal; also included is a filled out copy to help you. Be sure and get it notarized before you send it out.

You can do it yourself or have a Veterans Affairs Office help you. Send your filled out form to the following address:

Navy Personnel Command
Retired Records Section
PERS 312B, Room 154
1 Archives Dr
St. Louis, MO 63138-1002

If you have any problems, you can give Jim Chryst a call at 717-284-6996

Note: You can print or copy from the following below or use the pdf file provided below..


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